Five Truths for Ambient Scenting

So much has changed since the pandemic started. Living in a time of uncertainty makes us more concerned about the mental health of ourselves and people around us. For its benefits to improve people’s moods, fragrance has become a force in the reviving economy of China.

To meet the consumers’ growing demands, more products have emerged in the market, but the public’s knowledge about fragrance has not grown accordingly. There are many questions to be answered. Are there safety issues you should be aware of while enjoying the smell of your favorite fragrance? Is it a good idea to use home fragrance products in a business office? If you are considering adopting scent as your marketing strategy, here’s the five must-knows for you:

1. Higher Levels of Safety Standard

Compared with home fragrance, ambient scenting demands a higher standard for fragrance oils. Generally used for a wider space, ambient scenting reaches a lot more people in terms of numbers, ages, genders, and nationalities. Having the ability to affect so many lives is why the fragrances should be strictly monitored to ensure that they comply with international safety standards, and do not contain any toxins, known carcinogens or respiratory allergens. 

As the only member of the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) within the ambient scenting industry, ScentAir holds ourselves accountable to strict safety standards, like other prestigious IFRA members such as Chanel, LVMH, Revlon that are known for their high standards for high-quality fragrances. By meeting or even exceeding safety and regulatory requirements, we ensure our fragrances are safe to human bodies, even when not diluted.

Our fragrance oils are non-water-soluble, professionally formulated, and of medium viscosity. Through our patented atomization technology, the fragrance is slowly diffused into the air, covering the environment with a lasting pleasant smell. In contrast, home fragrance goods available in the consumer market is of unknown quality and may contain allergens or fail to meet safety standards, with the risk of causing allergies, or harming the skin, respiratory systems, brains, and even the fetuses.

2. Middle and Base Notes to Build Lasting Brand Memories

Same as your perfume, fragrances for ambient scenting are composed of top, middle and base notes. Together they create the overall fragrance impression. Top notes bloom and are perceived first, as their small, light molecules evaporate quickest; as the top notes start to fade, the middle notes, mellow, well-rounded and also known as heart notes, take over; over time, the base notes, lingering longest to create a lasting impression, come last.

To maximize the impacts of scent, ScentAir will help you choose a top note that matches your brand, thus creating an unforgettable impression for your customers, followed by a well-picked middle note and base note to leave a long-lasting smell that resonates with your brand image. By mixing and matching the notes of different fragrances, ambient scenting can bring alive your brand image in the environment. For instance, if you want to create a relaxing and soothing space for your customers, you can choose notes of fresh citrus and balsa wood. To create a sense of tranquility and beauty to lure your customers to stay longer, you can opt for flower notes such as jasmine, lily of the valley, and Ogura orchid. If it's the image of luxury and sophistication you are after, warm sweet amber is recommended.

3. Home Fragrance Oils No Good for Ambient Scenting Machines

Home fragrance products are not suitable for use in a business setting. Putting home fragrance oil into a commercial scent machine, for instance, would lead to incompatibility issues, as the oil cannot be atomized into particles, nullifying your diffuser. If the system is attached to your HVAC system, the fragrance oil drops will accumulate in the ducts like small water droplets, and either leak from the vents or block the ducts in the end.

Low quality oils or machine could even cause damage to your HVAC system due to atomization ineffectiveness. Not only will it incur extra costs for repair, it will also mean suspension of your scenting solution, affecting customer experiences and business operation.

When considering ambient scenting, you should choose only IFRA-approved suppliers and products. Also, you should not settle for low-quality fragrance and machines; they must also be compatible to avoid any possible damage to, for example, your existing HVAC system. Equally important is the availability of reliable after-sales service, regular inspection, maintenance, and fast response when you need help.

4. Ambient Scenting Is Higher Priced for Good Reasons

An ambient scenting system is typically composed of two major components - scent and machines - whose level of quality and safety are what determine the price of such systems. Systems of higher quality and better safety standards command a higher price for good reasons. First, the oils used and the diffusion process must be 100% safe to the end customers; second, the user experience must be good for the corporate users to reap its benefits. These undoubtedly drive up the production cost, as manufacturers must invest a lot of resources into research and development, e.g. sourcing high quality and safe fragrance ingredients, developing diffusion technology, designing machines and so on. And for the end products to obtain international safety standard certification also incurs a cost.

We are the only scent marketing company with fully integrated manufacturing, technical services, marketing, and signature fragrance development teams. We are also the only IFRA member within the ambient scenting industry, and hold ourselves accountable to strict safety standards. From the materials we use to method of delivery, we pay close attention to the details to ensure safety at every level of production. Besides, having corporate offices on 3 continents allows us to offer a seamless service footprint for responsive 24/7/365 support.

5. Olfactory Fatigue Also Applies

OIfactory fatigue stands for the experience of losing sensitivity to odors after continued smelling, when the body becomes desensitized to prevent the overloading of the nervous system, thereby allowing it to respond to new stimuli. 

For example, when entering a scented hotel lobby, the smell is often perceived as being very strong, but over time your awareness of the smell would fade to the point where the smell is not even perceptible.

Integrating High-Quality Fragrance With Top-Notch Machines to Maximize the Value of Scent Marketing

Ambient scenting demands a higher standard for fragrance oils in terms of quality and safety. For brands to leverage the power of scent to build outstanding customer experience, they must choose a reputable supplier whose products meet the relevant safety and regulatory requirements. ScentAir fragrances do not contain any toxins, known carcinogens or respiratory allergens, and are certified by IFRA.

Besides, under the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) developed by the United Nations (UN), ScentAir fragrance products are not labelled as hazardous to health, nor suspected of causing harm to fertility or unborn fetuses. 
When considering scent marketing, do not put the safety of your customers and employees at stake by taking your chance with a supplier that does not fulfil these standards.

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