Custom Branded Souvenirs

Customized packaging based on your current brand design 

Upscale Products Developed With Your Brand Fragrance

Custom branded souvenirs are excellent for event giveaways and rewards for loyalty programs. They can even generate new revenue streams for you as sellable merchandise.



You can use scented merchandise in many creative ways: 

•    Sell brand merchandise in shops to generate new revenue streams
•    Scenting solution for small space such as reception and washroom
•    Souvenirs and giveaways as rewards for loyalty programs or gifts for turndown service
•    Promotional gifts for business occasions such as conventions, seminars, workshops
•    Wedding, event or party gifts 

Product Ideas:

•    Reed diffuser
•    Room spray
•    Candle
•    Scented Card
•    ScentSticks
•    ScentSachets
•    Housekeeping Room Spray

Have other ideas? We can tailor our products to fit different events, corporate gifting and promotional needs. Get in touch now!

Send customers home with a piece of your brand.

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In the News
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