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Practical, stylish and well designed, our ScentAir fragrance merchandise are great for gifting.

They come pre-made and are an affordable way to make a scented statement. Get a quote 

ScentAir Branded Reed Diffuser

Our reed diffuser fills a room with long lasting aroma to elevate your space with its delightful ambience.

ScentAir Branded Room Spray

Our room spray infuses your room and freshen the air with evocative scent. 

ScentAir Branded ScentSticks 

Ideal for leaving impression-based scent experiences for small spaces, ScentSticks can be prominently displayed or tucked away into existing decor, yet the aroma will be noticed immediately. Made from paper fiber infused with pure fragrance, they are cleaner and safer than oil diffusers and candles without spills, dripping wax, flames or electricity.

ScentAir Branded ScentSachets

ScentSachets are self-contained bags that can retain the aroma of high-quality fragrance for up to a week. Available in a wide variety of ScentAir fragrances with the flexibility for you to choose a matching fragrance for special events or seasons throughout the year.

ScentAir Branded Scented Charm

The small sized Scented Charms can be carried around easily for use on vacation or business trips. Ideal for scenting small spaces such as your desk, the cabinet at a retail store, or fitting rooms, it requires no fire or electricity, but just a few drops of the fragrance oil on the scented charm for it to absorb moisture from the atmosphere to diffuse the fragrance. This can be used repeatedly and is more environmentally friendly than such products as candles and diffusers.

ScentAir Branded Fragrance Oil

Our Fragrance Oil is another travel-friendly item that can be carried around to scent your space. It requires no more than a few drops of the fragrance oil to your oil burner, charm ornament or plaster flowers to scent the environment.

Send customers home with a piece of your brand.  

To meet the consumers’ growing demands, more products have emerged in the market, but the public’s knowledge about fragrance has not grown accordingly. There are many questions to be answered. Are there safety issues you should be aware of while enjoying the smell of your favorite fragrance?
In the News
As a leader and pioneer of the scent marketing industry, ScentAir was recently interviewed by Forbes China to give their commentary on China's growing demands for fragrance.
In the News
In a recent coverage by Campaign Asia-Pacific, a premium publication serving elite marketers by providing insights and intelligence into the ideas, work and personalities shaping Asia Pacific's marketing-communications industry, ScentAir was invited to help clear up the misconception.
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