Cartridge Maintenance

Get quick help on changing your cartridge, returning your cartridge, and disposing of your cartridge.


    1. Unplug the power cord from the system for safety.
    2. Lift the door latch located on the right side of the case.
    3. Open the door to the ScentDirect system.
    4. Pull the cartridge assembly levers outward to unlock.
    5. Slide the old cartridge out of the guide rails until completely removed from the ScentDirect unit.
  1. PREPARE YOUR NEW CARTRIDGE—Open the plastic bag and remove the new cartridge.
    1. Unscrew both shipping caps from the tubes.
    2. Screw them onto the Old Cartridge for disposal.
    1. Face the white air inlet nozzle towards the opening in the back of the system. Install the new cartridge by sliding it along the guide rails for proper alignment.
    2. Close the levers to lock the cartridge in place. Do not force.
    3. Close the door and slide the latch down to lock the case.
    4. Be sure to plug the power cord back into the system.


You have completed your ScentDirect Cartridge replacement.

ScentDirect Cartridge Change


  1. REMOVING YOUR OLD CARTRIDGE—Turn cartridge counterclockwise and pull. Don’t forget to unplug the cartridge!
  2. PREPARE YOUR NEW CARTRIDGE—Open the plastic bag and remove the new cartridge.
    1. Plug the ScentWave Cartridge cord into the connection on the inside bottom front of the ScentWave.
  3. INSERT THE SCENTWAVE CARTRIDGE— line up the tabs on the cartridge and system; push in completely.
    1. Lock the ScentWave Cartridge by turning clockwise.


You have completed your ScentWave Cartridge replacement.

Disposing of your used cartridge: 

Once you’ve changed your cartridge, please dispose of your used cartridge according to your local regulations.  

Of course, cartridges may also be returned to ScentAir for disposal if you prefer this option. View additional information below.

Returning Your Used Cartridge

A. Place both tube caps from your new cartridge on the used cartridge for shipping. 

B. Place the old cartridge into a plastic bag and zip closed to seal the entire cartridge. 

C. Box and ship via your desired method to: 

3810 Shutterfly RD 
Charlotte, NC 28217, USA