Powerful brand recognition in a jar.

Upscale Products Developed With Your Brand Fragrance

When customers ask, “what’s that amazing smell?” Point them to a product they can take with them.  

If you’re looking to expand your customer scent experience further, ScentAir can help. We’ve partnered with an assortment of companies to produce beautifully crafted candles and other high-quality fragrance products for our clients.  


How It Works 

Step 1: Choose Your Product Partner

We’ll provide you a list of our product partners. Contact any or all of them to discuss your project.


Step 2: Choose Your Products

Work with your product partner to select the products that are right for your customers.


Step 3: We’ll Handle the Rest

Once you’ve chosen a product partner, we’ll ensure they get access to your fragrance.

Send customers home with a piece of your brand.

Si vous avez commencé à vous renseigner sur la purification d’air, il y a de fortes chances que vous ayez trouvé un large choix d’appareils disponibles, multitude de méthodes de purification, plus ou moins efficaces, plus ou moins adaptées à vos besoins, pour des gammes de prix pouvant aller du simple au triple. Bien que la méthode d’ionisation existe depuis déjà plus de 30 ans, de récentes études ont prouvé son efficacité sur de nombreux critères, non remplis par les techniques de purification plus traditionnelles.
Customers are excited to get back to business as usual—but only if advanced health and safety practices stay in place.
Eliminate the anxiety from dental offices with these 5 popular scents. These scents promote relaxation and help your patients remain at ease during their visit.
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