Top 3 areas to scent in hotels

Scented Stays

The Top 3 Areas To Scent In Hotels 

Scent is used to create outstanding customer experiences in many different industries, but major hospitality brands were some of the earliest adopters of scent marketing. ScentAir helps hotels and resorts achieve remarkable guest experiences that keep travelers talking.

 In fact, ScentAir has been shown to increase customer satisfaction up to 20%.

With travelers relying on online review sites like TripAdvisor and Google, keeping customer satisfaction high has never been more important. A customer experience tool like ScentAir can give hotels the edge in building a great reputation. But where do you start?

The first step in designing a hotel scenting strategy is determining which areas around the property will benefit the most from scent. We recommend a scenting strategy that focuses on high traffic areas. Think about areas around the property that have the most visitors and are most likely to suffer from malodors.


Scent in entries and lobbies leaves travelers with an incredible first impression.

  • Welcomes weary travelers
  • Improves mood & boosts guest satisfaction
  • Creates brand recognition across multiple locations

Gyms & Fitness Centers

Scent with odor neutralizing technology removes malodors, the perfect odor solution for hotel fitness centers.

  • Decreases malodors & enhances perception of clean
  • Elevates energy & improves workouts
  • Lends consistency across the property

Meeting Rooms

Adding scent to meeting and event spaces achieves a perception of clean and adds to the atmosphere. 

  • Helps business guests feel more comfortable
  • Increases repeat bookings 
  • Generates positive event reviews

Once you know which areas around your hotel you need to scent, step one of your scenting strategy design is done.

In step two, your ScentAir representative will help you find the right fragrance for your hotel. In step three, they will work with you to determine which ScentAir system will be most effective for your space. Once your scenting strategy is in place, commit to a higher standard of clean for guest peace of mind with a ScentAir ION Protect system.

If you are ready to find out what ScentAir can do for your hotel, contact us to talk to an expert.