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How to Choose Relaxing Fragrances for Your Spa

What transforms a simple trip to the spa into a revitalizing experience? Special details like a spa fragrance that elevate the moment. 

Relaxing scents help to amplify the spa experience for your clients, making it more likely that they'll return, suggest your spa to others, and maybe even bring a friend next time. 

But how do you choose relaxing fragrances for your spa or salon? 

We have a few suggestions for choosing the spa scents that your clients will respond to best, as well as a few examples to start with. You're going to take your spa to the next sensory level in no time.

Keep reading to learn how to make your spa smell great!

Take Note of Scent Science

Plenty of people have done the research to determine what kind of scents have certain effects on the brain and body. Your sense of smell is powerful; it's why scents can immediately trigger memories even when they're long behind you.

Have you ever smelled something that brought you back to your childhood, like a certain perfume or air freshener that your grandparents used? There's a reason behind that.

Certain scents are more likely to trigger specific emotions. For example, scents like lavender are proven to help people relax while citrus scents tend to be energizing. 

Consider the Mood You're Trying to Set

What vibe do you want your spa to have?

While "relaxing" is a good general idea, there are different ways to go about it. Do you want your clients to feel like they're at a beach retreat? What about in an open field of flowers? 

Different spa scents will change the entire feel of the space. Relaxing scents are more of an umbrella category than a specific kind of scent. 

Be Consistent, But Not Static

Don't be afraid to switch up your scents from time to time. While it's important to have consistency to help your brand image, because scents are so powerful, changing them every now and again will be more interesting to the senses.

Clients will have a different experience just through your scent changes. Have a rotation with a common running theme to get the best results from your scent choices. 

Keep Track of Client Responses Over Time 

You may notice that clients respond to your scents based on how often they visit, how they increase or decrease in numbers, and even through their comments to you or each other. 

You shouldn't ignore these things. Client responses help you know what's working and what isn't. If your customers aren't responding well to the scent you chose, you need to be flexible enough to change course. This is another reason that cycling your scents is a good idea. 

Our Spa Scent Suggestions

So you have a general idea of how you should be choosing your scents, but there are so many to choose from! How can you narrow it down?

We have a few of our favorite options that combine relaxing smells for a great olfactory experience. Regardless of what general "vibe" you're going for, we have something that will work for you.

Tranquil Waters

As the name implies, this scent offers a sense of tranquility that your clients will appreciate in their spa experience. 

This is a fresh and bright scent that won't put your clients to sleep, but it will give them the feeling of being in a relaxing outdoor space. They'll get the brightness of powerful leafy green plants and light citrus while also getting the more mellow vibes from musk and sweet lilies. 

Pair this scent with forest sounds and your clients will have the experience of sitting next to a quiet pond deep in the forest.

Green Bamboo

Have you ever walked through a peaceful bamboo forest?

Bamboo plants are a popular accessory for many spas, and for good reason. They somehow elicit a feeling of peace. 

This scent pairs bergamot and lily of the valley with fresh grass and hydrating cucumber, offering a relaxing version of that "post-rain" smell. Pair the scent with classic cucumbers on the eyes and let your clients bask in the feeling. 

Eucalyptus Mint

This is an energizing scent, good for spas that aren't looking to make their clients sleepy, but rather reinvigorate them after a long day at work. 

Eucalyptus is good for clearing out unpleasant feelings in the nose and chest, making it great for clients who are feeling the winter blues. This scent pairs that eucalyptus with invigorating mint and the clean smells of musk and fresh ozone. It will get your clients ready for the week ahead. 

Seaside Driftwood

This scent is best paired with the relaxing sounds of the ocean in the background. 

The soft, subtle scent of salty driftwood works together with jasmine and marine to create the feeling of a seaside experience. It's tied together with white amber and cashmere musk to bring sweetness to the scent. 

Let your clients drift off at the beach during their sauna or hot tub session. 

Lavender and Ylang 

As we mentioned, lavender is proven to be relaxing. Many people use it to help them sleep, keeping essential oils in their rooms and blankets or sprigs of lavender under their pillows. 

This scent combines lavender with peaceful ylang-ylang, a popular tropical plant. Your clients will drift off into peace while they're getting a massage or taking a mud bath. 

Relaxing Scents Change the Spa Experience

Offering your clients relaxing scents will enhance their experience of your spa. You'll notice the difference in client satisfaction in no time. 

Don't underutilize the power of scents in your spa or salon. 

If you're looking for one of our relaxing scents for your business, we're ready to help you. Contact us for a consultation so we can help you choose the right scent for your clients.