A Complete List of Scents for Creating a Pleasant Retail Experience

It's a warm and sunny Saturday morning when you walk past your favorite neighborhood cafe. The aroma of freshly ground coffee beans spills out as an overwhelming need for a fresh brew takes over. It's almost as though you can taste the familiar flavors before they even reach your mouth.

Why is it that the smell of those beans makes it nearly impossible to resist a fresh cuppa? As it turns out, your brain has built more association to scent than you know. 

In fact, there is an entire list of scents that influence customers in the same way that the signature smells from a coffee shop do. 

So how can you use this scent-influence to improve your sales and create a more memorable shopping experience? Follow along to learn about the power of scent marketing and what smells you should be using for your brand.

What Is Scent Marketing

Of all your senses, smell is the closest link to memory. It has the power to transport you to that wonderful holiday faster than any other sensory element. With both positive and negative associations, this can be a blessing and a curse. 

The trick to this marketing technique is matching context to smell. 

If you can create beautiful scents that trigger feel-good memories and familiar environments, you'll have the chance to insert your brand and products into the associated memory as well. 

Once a consumer has associated your brand with a positive experience, they will feel more inclined to purchase your goods and take the environment with them. On top of this, your signature smell will now remind them of your store the next time they experience it. This will keep you top of mind while increasing their desire to return. 

This practice has been shown to turn browsers into buyers and increase sales for your business. 

How to Choose a Scent

When picking out the fragrance for your brand it's crucial to consider how your brand will be represented as a whole. You'll want to reinforce your sensory environment by using a scent that is complementary to the look, feel, and sounds you use to tell your brand story. 

From a cozy home to a crisp winter breeze, each smell will trigger a different response according to context. Consider where it is your consumers will be when they use your products and mimic that feeling. Accentuate their need for your products by creating ambiance and relevance. 

The Ultimate List of Scents

With so many different scents to choose from, you should base your decision on which smell will create the experience that you want your customers to buy into. 

Here are 9 unforgettable experience categories and their scent descriptions for your retail location.

1. Relaxing and Soothing

Think lavender fields and camomile tea. This is a fantastic option for businesses that sell products pertaining to sleep or relaxation. 

Lavender essential oil is known for its ability to improve the quality of sleep, so why not fill your bedding store with these soft scents and allow your customers to associate your linen and pillows with an amazing night's sleep. 

2. Crisp and Invigorating

Use these nice scents of citrusy goodness or crisp fresh air for a boost of energy and a lively environment. Think about how these feelings could increase desire. 

Imagine how the customers of your athletic apparel or exercise equipment store would feel about working out after breathing in a blast of motivation. They'll quickly associate your products with this energetic feeling and want to take your brand right to the gym.

3. Savory and Gormand

Perfect for home accessories and kitchen goods. The smell of freshly baked cookies and tempting treats will have your shoppers craving an opportunity to mix up a new creation. 

They'll be flipping through your recipe books and literally smelling the payout of their investment. 

4. Voyage and Escape

The smell of salty ocean water and coconut tanning oil is one of our favorite travel memories. Duplicate this escape from day-to-day life with a reminder of those free and nomadic times. 

Transport your bathing suit shoppers to paradise where they can soak up the rays and dip in the refreshing water in your beautiful products. Every time they slip on one of your swimsuits they'll remember that beach holiday feeling and tap into those stress-free vacation vibes.

5. Luxe and Sophisticated

Chase that desire for an extravagant lifestyle with bold and trendsetting fragrances. Think of that high-end leather jacket or luxurious sports car. 

This is the perfect accent for your fashion-forward boutique with an upper-class target audience. Associating these scents will increase the perceived value of your products.

6. Passionate and Sensual

The perfect combination of mystery and intrigue. This is a perfect mood-setting scent for lingerie stores or bath products. 

Customers will be able to envision how your products will play out and choose selections that are perfect for the tone they want to set.

7. Clean Routine

Your cleaning products will be flying off the shelf with this squeaky clean scent. Customers will associate your sponges and cleaning cloths with that spotless home and strive to make it a reality. 

Amp up a spring cleanout with fresh linen and move your laundry detergent products with ease. 

8. Warm and Inviting

If your goal as a brand is to make customers feel comfortable and welcomed, this is the perfect combination of soft scents. 

Just like coming home after a long day, they will experience a cozy appeal that makes your brand feel familiar. Use those warm fragrances to drive slipper sales or increase the desire for a plush new sofa throw.

9. Timeless and Floral 

Tap into that feminine energy with a floral scent they won't soon forget. Boost spring apparel sales or gardening equipment with the friendly aroma of freshly cut roses and blooming daisies. 

Complete Your Brand With Scent

Now that you know the secret behind scent marketing, you can use this list of scents to select the best smell for a full brand experience. Transport customers to a feel-good memory to improve customer satisfaction and boost sales for your business. 

Ready to master the art of smell? Get in touch with us today to discover the fragrance advantage for your retail location.