The Art of Scenting: ScentAir At Van Gogh Alive With Grande Experiences


Grande Experiences Profile


Bring the work of Van Gogh to life using multi-sensory environmental cues—including scent—that can reliably travel across the globe with Van Gogh Alive


Working with ScentAir offices around the world, Grande Experiences choose a scent that aligns with Van Gogh's work, as ScentAir initiates global support for the traveling experience.


Grande Experiences creates the same consistently vivid fragrance of Van Gogh Alive all around the world.  

Since 2018, ScentAir has worked with Grande Experiences, an Australia based company specializing in multi-sensory art exhibitions. Inspiring over 17 million people globally, Grande Experiences events are unlike traditional art exhibitions. Each event features music and scent, bringing art to life in a whole new way.


Their latest globally touring experience, Van Gogh Alive, has made stops around the world, including cities like Madrid, Mexico City, Rome, Sydney, Taipei, Birmingham and Malaga . ScentAir, global leader in scent marketing, has been with the event the whole way, providing technical support in each destination to ensure the event’s success.


Redefining the Exploration of Art  with Technology

Celebrated as a revolutionary in the art world, Van Gogh’s works have been displayed and enjoyed in traditional settings for over a century. Van Gogh Alive turns the traditional, unapproachable experience of enjoying art on its head. As the name suggests, Van Gogh’s art bursts to life in this remarkable experience.


From the moment visitors enter, a powerful and vibrant symphony of light,  colour, sound and smell grabs the attention and creates deep sensory engagement. All senses are simultaneously engaged, lighting up the brain and paving the way for a never before imagined experience of Van Gogh’s works.  


An Immersive Art Experience

To make the experience memorable, ScentAir carefully selected a comforting scent. Warm, spicy notes over soothing woods compliment the rich, vibrant tones of Van Gogh’s colour choices and the indulgence of his heavy brushwork. The scent evokes feelings of escape and nostalgia, transporting visitors to landscapes captured in Van Gogh’s work.


ScentAir’s ScentDirect machines are perfectly concealed in the main projection gallery, evenly diffusing the Van Gogh Alive scent throughout each event, lending to a consistent signature experience around the world.


Experience, Effectiveness & Safety

According to Bruce Peterson, Founder & CEO of Grande Experiences, their goal is to “entertain new audiences and drive back existing attendees with revolutionary visitor experiences that are guaranteed to provide that Wow factor in a safe yet engaging way.”


ScentAir is proud to offer fragrance solutions that help Grande Experiences reach their goals. As a trusted fragrance industry leader, we offer safe and vibrant fragrances that leave a lasting impression on a worldwide scale.


From materials used to method of delivery, ScentAir fragrances meet or exceed global safety requirements and never contain toxins, known carcinogens or respiratory allergens. Our global footprint enables us to provide the technical support they need create a consistent experience from one city to the next.


When we first experience a smell, we forever correlate it to the event or place in which we experienced it. When we smell the scent again, it evokes vivid memories of that first experience. The complex fragrance chosen for Van Gogh Alive is a unique olfactory trademark that new and returning visitors will always associate with Van Gogh’s work.

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