ScentAir Home Office

We're STILL All in This Together

As businesses prepare to welcome customers again, we’re all looking toward the future. While we focus on the regrowth of our local and national economies, we’re staying safe by maintaining good health practices. Keeping our communities well is a team effort. And we’re still all in this together.

We’re here with the tools and support to keep you and your business thriving:


  • We’re supplying all field salespeople and technicians with masks, gloves and other personal protective equipment to use at your request while working on site.

  • Our fresh and clean fragrances are the perfect complement to your cleaning practices and strengthen customer perceptions of cleanliness in your business.

  • We stayed with you through the challenges you faced, and you can trust we’ll continue to stay by your side with reliable service and on-going support.

We look forward to continuing to deliver memorable fragrance solutions that drive positive experiences for all our customers.

Though we are experiencing a high level of call volume, our Customer Care Team is available. If you have any questions about a recent order, please contact us:


Phone: 866.723.6824, Monday through Friday, 8 am – 5 pm EST