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6 Scent Types That Elevate the Feeling of Clean in a Business

A clean you can see is easy. But a clean you can feel? That’s a little trickier.

Now more than ever, there’s a premium on cleanliness in the public sphere. Customers are acutely aware of the sanitation practices around them. Visual cues of cleanliness, like organized products and shiny, spotless surfaces, have always been a hallmark of a pleasurable customer experience, but the human perception of clean goes far beyond the visual.

Smell is one of our most valuable senses because it helps us understand the world by literally sniffing out tiny details we can’t see. For instance, we trust our nose more than our eyes to tell us whether to eat last week’s takeout or not. But scent can do more than help us evaluate leftovers. Our surroundings are complex, and we receive information about them through smell. When a business makes the connection between scent and customer perception, it can improve—even revolutionize—their business.  

In his bestselling book Start With Why , Simon Sinek tells the story of how the laundry detergent business found their real why and how to communicate it to their customers.

Market research showed that customers wanted to keep their whites white and their brights bright. So detergent brands set themselves apart by creating products designed to improve visual signs of clean. It wasn’t until field researchers watched consumers doing laundry that they realized there was a disconnect between what consumers want and how they experience it. Consumers don’t look for signs of clean. They smell for them.

Researchers watched as consumers pulled fresh laundry from their machines. Instead of holding their clothes to the light to inspect them for signs of cleanliness, they held their clean clothes to their nose.  


The Customer Experience of Clean

In spaces where customers receive service, maintaining proper cleaning habits and enlisting the help of a janitorial service are a given. Customers expect nothing less than an immaculate environment. But human nature proves customers will instinctively search for signs of cleanliness using their nose.

Today, it’s not enough to tell customers you’re maintaining healthy cleaning procedures. Taking the extra step to reinforce your good cleaning habits with a fresh fragrance will ensure customers know your business is diligent in remaining clean.

Often, when evaluating clean scents, people rely on their past experiences with cleaning products to determine what smells clean. The good news for businesses that are trying to communicate a higher level of cleanliness is the fragrances of consumer cleaning products have come a long way.

In the past several decades, strong consumer interest in maintaining a healthy and clean home has driven brands to create the feeling of clean through scent. In fact, according to an international survey conducted by IFRA UK and the European Cleaning Journal  (ECJ), the scent of a cleaning product is among its most important features. Companies acknowledge that consumers associate fragrance with product effectiveness. And as companies create products, they’re evaluating the role of fragrance in consumer choice.


6 Fragrance Profiles Your Customers Will Register as Clean

Consumers have thousands of cleaning products to choose from, each with different features. Though there’s an endless supply of products, the list of available fragrances is actually quite narrow. To help you get started using a fresh fragrance in your business, we’ve broken down the fragrance profiles into six categories.

These fragrance profiles are ones your customers will know and love—they use fragrances just like these in their very own homes. Use this list of fragrance profiles to guide you in choosing a clean scent that fits in your business.

Aromatic Lavender Scents

A high-quality lavender scent imparts natural freshness. ScentAir offers a variety of lavender based fragrances, each with a unique formula. Though classic interpretations of lavender are popular, we also offer surprising fragrances that pull in notes of lemon or vanilla for a complex experience.

Exotic Tropical Scents

Bring in the natural purity of the tropics. Exotic fragrances impart notes of naturally fresh tropical elements to evoke the airy, pure feeling of a tropical paradise.

Refreshing Marine Scents

Marine fragrances are a sophisticated way to impart freshness. ScentAir’s collection of fresh marine fragrances features many interpretations on the pure, watery experience. Notes of natural elements blend with the marine notes to create a variety of unique marine experiences.  

Uplifting Citrus Scents

Citrus imparts a natural clean and injects a space with invigorating energy! Orange, lemon and grapefruit are stunning foundations and blend beautifully with countless elements. With a seemingly endless array of complex citrus scents, there’s a clean, energizing citrus perfect for every business.

Natural Green Scents

There’s a reason people love to bring natural greenery into their homes. The gentle, natural scent of a green fragrance is like bringing the outdoors in. Harmonizing notes of bamboo, aloe or soft moss create the feeling of a breath of fresh air.  

Pristine Clean Scents

Classic clean fragrances impart a pure, airy feeling to any space. The experience of a clean fragrance evokes feelings of vitality with airy notes of sparkling freshness. ScentAir’s collection of clean fragrances offers you countless ways to capture purity in your space.


To start using a clean scent and to get personalized fragrance recommendations for your business, reach out to your ScentAir representative.

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Sinek, Simon. Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action. London: Portfolio/Penguin, 2013.